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Armin Cuyvers

mr. A. Cuyvers MJur (Oxon), Assistant professor of EU law and Constitutional Theory at Europa Institute
Armin Cuyvers

Armin Cuyvers graduated summa cum laude in Civil law (burgerlijk recht), International and European law, and Jurisprudence from the University of Leiden. During his studies he, amongst other things, studied for six months as a visiting student at Harvard College and Harvard Law School and worked for a Member of Parliament. After graduating in the Netherlands he received his Magister Juris title from Exeter College, University of Oxford with distinction. After joining both the Europa Institute and the department of legal philosophy in 2006 as a PhD Fellow, he was appointed as an assistant professor in 2011. He teaches both Dutch and English spoken courses. In 2007 he was a visiting professor at Bilgi University in Istanbul, and in 2009 he spent six months as a visiting professor in Stanford and Berkeley, for comparative research on the EU and the American Confederation.

Key publications

  • The EU as a Confederal Union of Sovereign Member Peoples. Exploring the potential of American (con)federalism and popular sovereignty for a constitutional theory of the EU (2013) A. Cuyvers
  • The confederal come-back: Rediscovering the confederal form for a transnational world (2013) A. Cuyvers
  • Het Verdrag inzake Stabiliteit, Co√∂rdinatie en Bestuur in de Economische en Monetaire Unie: de juridische en constitutionele complicaties van de eurocrisis (2012) V. Borger and A. Cuyvers
  • The Kadi II judgment of the General Court: the ECJ's predicament and the consequences for Member States (2011) A. Cuyvers
  • Money For Nothing: The Case Law of the EU Court of Justice on the Regulation of Gambling (2011) S.C.G. Van den Bogaert and A. Cuyvers