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Wim Bonis

W. Bonis, Secretary Criminal Law at Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology
Wim Bonis

Wim Bonis studied law at Erasmus University in  Rotterdam, where he graduated in 1985, specialized in Criminal Law.

Since October 2000 he has worked as a secretary at the Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology.


About the blogs

In his blogs Wim tries to put law-related matters in a broader context. In them he touches on various subjects like the power of images, the importance of unwritten law, our sense of justice, the development of human consciousness and our connection to (and place within) the surrounding nonhuman world. They all express his hopeful conviction that at heart we are not so much competitive, selfish beings, driven to take from others for individual gain - driven towards crime -, but empathic, generous beings with an innate sense of justice, wanting to give to and bond with other people.

Other writings

In 2014 Wim has finished writing a book (in Dutch) about 'the survival and revival of the Goddess heritage', a subject he has been interested in for a long time and has studied from various angles. The book is not officially published but is privately printed. If you are interested, you can read an extensive summary here (also in Dutch). When you want to buy a copy of the book, contact Wim by sending him an e-mail. At the moment he is working on an English translation of this book. 

Key publications