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Whatever Wilders cares for

Posted on by Rick Lawson in Public Law
Whatever Wilders cares for

Within a stone’s throw from Leiden Law School, Dutch politician Geert Wilders gave his zealous followers a choice of two: do you want more or less Moroccans in our country? Less, less, less, they yelled. We will take care of that, he replied.

At our Law School students learn the significance and meaning of freedom of speech. They learn to wonder how to reconcile this freedom with the rights of others and the principle of equality. They are challenged to reflect on its limits, for instance in cases where politicians publicly advocate discrimination and exclusion of citizens because of their nationality, ethnicity or religion.

On behalf of the Faculty Board I can assure you that we will continue to teach, and discuss, along these lines. Whatever Mr. Wilders intends to take care of. You are welcome to join us.

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