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Anna Stupers

Mr. A.H. Stupers, Research and teaching staff member at the Constitutional and Administrative Law Department, Institute of Public Law.
Anna Stupers

Anna Stupers is a member of the research and teaching staff at the Constitutional and Administrative Law Department of Leiden University. She is passionate about public interest litigation, social rights, migration and the broad field of human rights. During her time as a student she undertook internships at two law firms (Van Diepen van der Kroef and Prakken ‘d Oliveira Human Rights Lawyers) and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Currently, she also works as a freelance legal researcher for Van den Biesen Kloostra Lawyers and does volunteer work for Amnesty International, NJCM (Dutch Section of the ICJ) and a refugee integration project of the municipality of Leiden. Her ambition is to make sure the work she does has a social impact and can help bring about change.

Key publications