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Armin Cuyvers

mr. A. Cuyvers MJur (Oxon), Assistant professor of EU law and Constitutional Theory at Europa Institute
Armin Cuyvers

Armin Cuvyers is an Associate Professor of European Law at the Europa Instituut of Leiden University, where he heads the faculty research program in EU law. Educated in Leiden, Harvard and Oxford, Armin previously was a visiting fellow at the European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC), the in-house think tank of Commission President Juncker, and held visiting positions at Berkeley, Stanford, Sydney university Law School and Bilgi University, Istanbul. Armin regularly provides legal advice to public and private parties on different fields of EU law. His research largely focusses on EU constitutional law and theory, sovereignty, Brexit, (con)federalism and the euro, often in a comparative perspective. He has been published in several leading international journals, including the Common Market Law Review, the European Law Journal and the European Constitutional Law Review.  

Armin is also co-director of the LEAC, for which he supervises and conducts comparative research on regional integration in Africa and ASEAN.

Key publications

  • The EU as a Confederal Union of Sovereign Member Peoples. Exploring the potential of American (con)federalism and popular sovereignty for a constitutional theory of the EU (2013) A. Cuyvers
  • The confederal come-back: Rediscovering the confederal form for a transnational world (2013) A. Cuyvers
  • East African Community Law: Institutional, Substantive and Comparative EU Aspects. (2017) Ugirashebuja E., Ruhangisa J.E., Ottervanger T.R. & Cuyvers A.
  • The Kadi II judgment of the General Court: the ECJ's predicament and the consequences for Member States (2011) A. Cuyvers
  • Money For Nothing: The Case Law of the EU Court of Justice on the Regulation of Gambling (2011) S.C.G. Van den Bogaert and A. Cuyvers