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Barbara Cooreman

B.E.E.M Cooreman LLM, PhD-Fellow WTO and EU law at Institute of Public Law
Barbara Cooreman

Barbara was a Phd-fellow at the Europa Institute, working on the interplay between environmental concerns and trade at EU and international level (Addressing global environmental concerns through trade: Extraterritoriality under WTO law from a comparative perspective). Her broader research interests are environmental law, EU decision-making with a focus on balancing of interests and interdisciplinary cooperation. 

Key publications

  • Addressing environmental concerns through trade: a case for extraterritoriality?, International and Comparative Law Quarterly 65(1): 229-248. (2016) Cooreman B.E.E.M.
  • Extraterritorial Environmental Concerns and Public Morals: Testing the Limits of Article XX(a) GATT after Seals, Journal of International Trade and Arbitration Law 5(2): 519-557. (2016) Cooreman B.E.E.M.
  • The Macondo Oil Spill: a Blessing in Disguise for an Environment-friendly Future for European Waters?, Environmental Liability: Law, Policy and Practice 20(5): 186-196. (2012) Cooreman B.E.E.M.
  • Annotation: United States - Import Prohibition of Certain Shrimp and Shrimp Products, India and ors v United States, Report of the Appellate Body 12 October 1998, no. WT/DS58/AB/R, ORIL - ITLD 2015 (case note). (2015) Cooreman B.E.E.M.