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Daniel Blocq

Dr. D.S. Blocq, Assistant Professor at Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of the Law
Daniel Blocq

Daniel Blocq is Assistant Professor at the Van Vollenhoven Institute. In his research, he currently focuses on complaint practices in contexts of transitional justice. In doing so, he brings together insights from law, sociology and social history. Before coming to Leiden, Daniel studied law at the University of Amsterdam, and conducted a PhD in sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Key publications

  • “Empirisch-juridisch onderzoek.” Recht der Werkelijkheid 38(3): 32-37. (2017) Blocq, D.S. & Woude. M. van der.
  • “The grassroots nature of counterinsurgent tribal militia formation: The case of the Fertit militia in southern Sudan, 1985-1989.” Journal of Eastern African Studies 8(4): 710-24. (2014) Blocq, D.S.
  • “Political embeddedness and the management of emotions.” Mobilization: An International Journal 17(3): 319-34. (2012) Blocq, D.S., Klandermands, B. & Stekelenburg, J. van.
  • “Western soldiers and the protection of local civilians in UN peacekeeping operations: Is a nationalist orientation in the armed forces hindering our preparedness to fight?” Armed Forces & Society 36(2): 290-309. (2010) Blocq, D.S.
  • “The fog of UN peacekeeping: Ethical issues regarding the use of force to protect civilians in UN operations.” Journal of Military Ethics 5(3): 203-13. (2006) Blocq, D.S.