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Daniëlla Gidaly

Mr. D. Gidaly, Master Student at Philosophy of Law and Ex member at Municipality of the Hague and Ex VP at KPN Telecom
Daniëlla Gidaly

Daniëlla Gidaly studied Civil Law at Leiden University and obtained her Master degree in 1980. From 1980 till 2005 she worked in corporate life, first as a Corporate Lawyer, later in General Management. Since then she has diversified into investments in Romania and, politics (she was a Councilor in the Hague). In 2015 she went back to her “childhood sweetheart ”: Philosophy of Law. Daniëlla is in the process of finishing her master thesis and aiming for a PhD.

Perhaps because her parents were refugees and foreigners in the Netherlands, Daniëlla has always had a special interest in issues related to foreigners, integration and segregation. 

Key publications

  • Hoe de VVD de verkiezingen gaat winnen, in Liberaal reveil. (2011) Gidaly, D.
  • Op eigen kracht, Zaltbommel: Thema () Drielsma, M., Gidaly, D., Hennik, L. van.
  • artikel over het NBW, de reisovereenkomst (1983) Gidaly, D.