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Ekaterina Kopylova

E. A. Kopylova , LL.M. Student Criminal Justice at Leiden Law School
Ekaterina Kopylova

Ms. Ekaterina A. Kopylova is a graduate (honours) and PhD candidate at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University), specialising in Public International Law. She is currently enrolled in the MSc Criminal Justice at Leiden Law School, the Netherlands. In her capacity as intern at the Division for International Co-operation in Major Cases of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation she was involved in a range of high-profile extradition and other mutual legal assistance cases, including recovery of proceeds of crime from abroad. Ekaterina’s professional interests cover international dispute settlement, international criminal law, international co-operation in criminal matters, international humanitarian law, international law of treaties. She is member of the International Association of Penal Law. 

Key publications

  • ICC and Palestinian Autonomy: justice denied (2012) E.A. Kopylova
  • gnorantia legi non idem est quod ipsius provideo possibilitatis absentiam: Soros v. France, Mezdunarodnoe pravosudiye (2012) E.A. Kopylova
  • Territoriality of a State Executive Jurisdiction and its Peculiarities with respect to Public International Law (2013) E.A. Kopylova
  • Fraude à la loi in the International Criminal Law: main approaches and features (2013) E.A. Kopylova
  • 5. Concept and Practical Application of Cumulative Charging by International Criminal Justice Bodies (2012) E.A. Kopylova