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Esther Huiskers-Stoop

Esther Huiskers-Stoop , Assistant Professor of Tax Law at Leiden University
Esther Huiskers-Stoop

Esther Huiskers-Stoop graduated with two master’s degrees in law from the University of Amsterdam (Dutch law and Tax law, 1997). She worked for over five years as a tax advisor with KPMG Meijburg & Co in Amstelveen in both national and international practice. During this time, she completed the academic training for the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (2000). In addition, she worked for almost six years as a lawyer in the Dutch tax litigation practice of Jaeger Advocaten-belastingkundigen in Amsterdam. She also completed the academic training for the Netherlands Bar Association (2004) and the lawyers training at the Court of Amsterdam (2005). In 2009 Esther joined Erasmus School of Law in Rotterdam and in 2015 she was awarded a doctorate for her thesis dealing with the effectiveness of horizontal tax monitoring. Since 2016, Esther has been working as an Assistant Professor of Tax Law at the Leiden Institute for Tax Law and Economics. Her current research interests lie in the promotion of tax compliance, internationally in the field of cooperative compliance and nationally in the field of horizontal monitoring.

Key publications