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Gerrit Dusseldorp

Dr. G.L. Dusseldorp, Post-doctoral fellow at University of Johannesburg, dept. of Anthropology and Development Studies and Guest staff member at Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University
Gerrit Dusseldorp

Gerrit Dusseldorp studied prehistoric archaeology at Leiden University. He was awarded his PhD in 2009 for his research on Neanderthal hunting strategies. He was then appointed as a post-doctoral fellow in Johannesburg to study the evolution of modern human behaviour.
He currently works at the University of Johannesburg. His research there deals with the development of human anatomy, foraging behaviour and technological strategies over the past 150 000 years. He also has a guest affiliation with the faculty of Archaeology in Leiden. This allowed the development of collaborative research on the implications of the proposed Heritage Act and the Environment and Planning Act for Dutch archaeological heritage management.

Key publications

  • Bundeling en aanpassing van regels op het terrein van (onroerend) cultureel erfgoed in de Erfgoedwet en de Omgevingswet. (2015) Dusseldorp, G.L., Nijland, J.
  • Bundeling en aanpassing van regels op het terrein van cultureel erfgoed (2015) Nijland, J., Dusseldorp, G.L.
  • Trapping the past? Hunting for remote capture techniques and planned coastal exploitation during MIS 5 at Blombos Cave and Klasies River, South Africa (2015) Dusseldorp, G.L., Langejans, G.H.J.
  • Explaining the Howiesons Poort to post-Howiesons Poort transition: a review of demographic and foraging adaptation models (2014) Dusseldorp, G.L,
  • Neanderthals and cave hyenas, Co-existence, competition or conflict (2013) Dusseldorp, G.L,