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Gilles Becker

G Becker, LL.M. Student International Business Law at Leiden Law School
Gilles Becker

Gilles Becker is a bachelor student of International Business Law at Leiden University. Corporate Social Responsibility is an important aspect of this major as students learn to analyse the legality of corporate behaviour. This blog provides an example of the material discussed during the course. 

In Winter 2012, a new course on Corporate Social Responsibility was held for bachelor students, as part of International Business Law. Some 40 participants learned about the demand for virtue, the stakeholders, and the role of the law. Each week they wrote a short essay in English on a CSR topic, on which they received feedback. Several guests were interviewed on CSR practices by the students, ‘College Tour style’. The teachers were Alex Geert Castermans and Caspar van Woensel.

Gilles Becker and Rogier van Geel achieved full marks for their final essay. They were invited to write a blog together for Leiden Law Blog.