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Jan-Peter Loof

Dr. Jan-Peter Loof LL.M, Assistant professor of constitutional and administrative law at Department of constitutional and administrative law and Commissioner at The Dutch National Human Rights Institute
Jan-Peter Loof

Jan-Peter Loof  (1966) lectures constitutional law and human rights at the Institute for Public Law of Leiden Law School. He also is Commissioner (board member) at the College voor de Rechten van de Mens, the national human rights institute of the Netherlands. Next to that, he is chairman of the board of the School of Human Rights Research (in which seven Dutch universities co-operate in research and education in the field of human rights) and editor-in-chief of the Nederlands Tijdschrift voor de Mensenrechten/NJCM-Bulletin (the leading Dutch human rights law journal). His field of research includes the development of international human rights standards, the effects of these standards within the municipal legal order and the mechanisms for implementation of these standards within the national constitutional and administrative systems. He wrote a Ph.D. thesis (2005) on the limitation and derogation of human rights during states of emergency and other national security crises.

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