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Jerfi Uzman

J. Uzman LL.M., Assistant Professor Constitutional and Administratve Law at Institute of Constitutional and Administrative Law
Jerfi Uzman

Jerfi Uzman holds an LL.M from Leiden university. He graduated in 2005. He then started at the Department of Public Law, first as a junior lecturer, then as a PhD-Fellow.  The last few years he has been working on a PhD Thesis on the concept of so-called ‘open’ or ‘ weak’ judicial remedies in Dutch human rights law. Do such remedies promote constitutional dialogue and how do they relate to the principle of effective protection of fundamental rights? Part of this research was undertaken abroad (Cambridge, Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg).  In a broader sense, Jerfi specializes in constitutional law, comparative public law and European human rights law. He is an editor of the Dutch public law blog ‘Publiekrecht & Politiek’.

Key publications