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Josephine Hartmann

J.M.R. Hartmann M.A., MA, Former PhD candidate at the Institute of Public law, department Constitutional and Administrative law
Josephine Hartmann

Josephine Hartmann holds a degree in European Studies, Dutch Philology, History and Pedagogics from the University of Amsterdam and the Free University Berlin. Since March 2011 Josephine is attached as a PhD candidate to the department of Constitutional and Administrative Law. Her PhD project focusing on discretion in EU law makes part of the interdisciplinary Leiden Research Profile Area Political Legitimacy: identity and institutions.

In her dissertation, Josephine looks into the role of discretion, provided by the EU Treaty and by the content and wording of European directives, in the EU lawmaking and national implementation processes of directives. A key concern of hers is the relationship between discretion and legitimacy in the EU multi-level legal context: Do discretion in directives and discretionary decision-making contribute to the political legitimacy of EU law lawmaking and implementation? What are the legitimacy problems related to executive discretion coming to the fore in regulatory rule-making at the EU and national levels and how to cope with them?

Key publications

  • ‘Wij doen dat zo’: Onderzoek naar de grenseffecten van Europees beleid (2012) Steunenberg, B. & Beerkens, M. & Berg, C.F., van den & Hartmann, J.M.R. & Ruiter, R., de & Voermans, W.J.M.
  • The legitimacy of national legal systems: highlighting challenges, assessing solutions (working paper) (2011) Hartmann. J.M.R.
  • Discretion in EU directives and its potentials for enhancing political legitimacy within the EU’s multi- level legal system (working paper) (2012) Hartmann. J.M.R.