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Judit Altena-Davidsen

J.G.H. Altena-Davidsen, PhD candidate in European criminal law at Institute for Criminal Law & Criminology
Judit Altena-Davidsen

Judit Altena-Davidsen holds an LLM degree in criminal law from Leiden University. Since September 2010 she has been working on a PhD project on the duty stemming from EU law to interpret national substantive criminal law in such a manner it remains or becomes consistent with EU law (the duty of consistent interpretation). The focus of this research is the functioning of the legality principle in substantive criminal law in cases where national judges give indirect effect to European Law through consistent interpretation. This is assessed both empirically, by looking at how norms falling under the scope of EU law are interpreted by Dutch courts, as well as theoretically, by  questioning the conceptions of legality and judicial interpretation underlying the duty of consistent interpretation.

Key publications