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Laura van Kessel

L.F. van Kessel, LL. M., Former PhD candidate in Criminal Law at Institute for Criminal Law & Criminology
Laura van Kessel

Laura van Kessel obtained her LL.M. degree in Criminal Law and International & European Law from the VU University Amsterdam. In September 2010, Laura van Kessel was appointed as a PhD candidate at the Institute for Criminal Law & Criminology at Leiden University. Central in her research is the normative and legal-dogmatic meaning, range of application and substantive and procedural scope of the notion of appearance. Until now the notion of appearance is mainly known as a standard to establish criminal liability for the attempt to commit an offence and as an aspect in order to determine criminal intent. Nowadays, the notion of appearance plays a role in other doctrines of substantive criminal law. However, the precise function, meaning and range of this notion is still unknown. This research tries to provide an inventory and analysis of the precise function, meaning and range of the notion of appearance in the perspective of establishing criminal liability.

Key publications

  • Diversiteit van de uiterlijke verschijningsvorm in het strafrecht (2012) L.F. van Kessel