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Laure d’Hondt

Drs. L.Y. d'Hondt LL.B., PhD Candidate at Van Vollenhoven Institute
Laure d’Hondt

Laure d'Hondt is a PhD researcher who participates in a project which involves the legal empowerment of pollution victims in Indonesia. Laure studied Cultural Anthropology (BA and MA, 2006) and Law (BA, 2007) at Leiden University. During her studies she conducted research in Guatemala on mediation, an alternative form of dispute resolution. Afterwards, Laure started working for the Van Vollenhoven Institute as a secretary. Soon after she entered the Access to Justice project and conducted research on access to environmental justice in North Maluku, Indonesia. Within this project she also fulfilled several coordinating and editing tasks. In March 2010, Laure started her PhD. This forms part of the research programme entitled: 'Legal Empowerment as a means to development?’ A political-legal study of the invocation of rights by pollution victims in China and Indonesia". This programme is being carried out in close cooperation with the University of Amsterdam and is funded by NWO WOTRO.

Key publications