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Maarten Aalbers

Maarten Aalbers LLM, PhD candidate in EU law at Leiden Law School and Member of the Leiden Expert Group on State Aid at Leiden University and Editor at The Dutch Journal on State Aid
Maarten Aalbers

Maarten Aalbers LLM obtained his degrees in law (bachelor) and in EU law (master) at Utrecht University. Prior to his academic career he worked as the principal legal advisor on state aid for Europa decentraal. Currently he is writing his PhD thesis on general interests in state aid at the Europa Institute of Leiden Law School.

Key publications

  • Viasat: een duidelijke waterscheiding tussen Altmark en artikel 106 lid 2 VWEU?, Markt & Mededinging (4): 132-138. (2017) Aalbers, M.
  • Gibraltar: A rock solid interpretation of the selectivity criterion, European State Aid Law Quarterly 16(3): 496 - 499. (2017) Aalbers, M.
  • Kroniek van het Europees materieel recht, Nederlands Juristenblad 35: 2624 - 2638. (2017) Van den Bogaert S.C.G, Van Rompuy B., Borger V., Aalbers M. & Weber T.
  • Recovery of unlawful aid. In: Hancher L., Ottervanger T., Slot, P.J. (Eds.) EU State Aids.London: Sweet & Maxwell. 1091-1118. (2016) Aalbers M., & Adriaanse P.C.