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Maria de Jong

mr.drs. M.P. de Jong-de Kruijf , PhD Candidate in Youth Law at Institute for Private Law
Maria de Jong

Maria de Jong – de Kruijf (1985) is a PhD-candidate at the Child Law department of the Leiden Law school. She received her MSc in Criminology from Leiden University (2007), her LL.M from Sussex University where she took part in the master programme ‘Family and responsibility in the Law’ (2008) and her LL.M in Dutch Law from Utrecht University (2012).
Maria has been working at the Child Law department since 2009. She started as a junior researcher and was seconded to the Ministry of Justice as a privacy jurist in several (youth law related) projects. She also co-authored the a Guide to the Dutch Juvenile Justice Sanctioning System (Wegwijs in het jeugdsanctierecht) and the Children’s Rights Monitor in 2012, 2013 and 2014. She has published several articles and bookchapters in the area of youth law and children’s rights.

Key publications