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Olaf van Vliet

O. van Vliet, Associate Professor at Department of Economics, Leiden University
Olaf van Vliet

Dr. Olaf van Vliet is Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, Leiden University. He is project leader of the multidisciplinary project ‘SOLID: Solidarity under strain – A legal, criminological and economic analysis of welfare states and free movement in the EU’. Since 2016, he serves as director of one of the 11 research profile areas of Leiden University: Interaction between legal systems. Additionally, he serves as coordinator of the new MSc program Economics and Governance.

His research and teaching interests include comparative political economy, welfare state reform, income inequality, globalization, European integration and labor economics. Between 2011 and 2015, Olaf van Vliet was work package leader in the international research consortium ‘NEUJOBS – Employment 2025: How multiple transitions will affect the European Labour Market’ (funded by the European Commission, FP7).

Key publications