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Sjoerd Douma

Prof. dr. S.C.W. Douma, Professor of International & EU Tax Law at Institute of Tax Law and Economics, Department of Tax Law / International Tax Center Leiden
Sjoerd Douma

Sjoerd Douma is a Professor of International & EU Tax Law at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Key publications

  • The tax treatment of CIVs and REITs from a State aid perspective: limits on national tax policy (2014) S.C.W. Douma
  • Non-discriminatory Tax Obstacles (2012) S.C.W. Douma
  • Optimization of Tax Sovereignty and Free Movement (2011) S.C.W. Douma
  • The principle of legal certainty: Enforcing international norms under Community law (2008) S.C.W. Douma & F.A. Engelen
  • The Three Ds of Direct Tax Jurisdiction: Disparity, Discrimination and Double Taxation (2006) S.C.W. Douma