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Titia Loenen

Prof.mr.drs. M.L.P. Loenen, Professor of Human Rights and Diversity at the Institute of Public Law, Department of Constitutional and Administrative law
Titia Loenen

Titia Loenen is professor of Human rights and Diversity at Leiden University. She holds degrees in history and law from the same university. She worked for many years at Utrecht University as professor of Legal Theory and of Gender & Law. Her research covers human rights, equality theory, international, European and Dutch non-discrimination law. It is now focusing on gender and cultural and religious pluralism. It takes a clear international and comparative perspective. Recent work includes research on the interaction and overlap between human rights protection in the  area mentioned under the European Convention of Human Rights and EU-law.

Key publications

  • Mensenrechten en diversiteit in Europa: gelijke monniken, ongelijke kappen? (2013) M.L.P. Loenen
  • Framing headscarves and other multicultural issues as religious, cultural, racial or gendered: the role of human rights law (2012) M.L.P. Loenen
  • Gelijkheid als juridisch beginsel. Een conceptuele analyse van de norm van gelijke behandeling en non-discriminatie (2009) M.L.P. Loenen
  • Religious pluralism and the European Court of Human Rights. Some reflections on the pros and cons of a wide margin of appreciation in the case of Sahin v. Turkey (2008) M.L.P. Loenen
  • Indirect discrimination as a vehicle for change (2000) M.L.P. Loenen