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Dossier: Governing Crime & Migration

  • Constrained agency and crime

    Constrained agency and crime

    The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) argues that the government should give more consideration to the impact of life events on life skills. This is also crucial for supporting people to exit a life of crime.
  • The Dutch Response to the Refugee Crisis

    The Dutch Response to the Refugee Crisis

    In the wake of the refugee crisis many countries in the EU seem to be struggling in finding a proper response to the influx of migrants coming to the Continent. To what extent is the Dutch response putting Schengen in the pressure-cooker?
  • The European migrant crisis – a better future ahead?

    The European migrant crisis – a better future ahead?

    Today, the European Committee presented a proposal for binding quotas to allow for a fairer distribution of asylum seekers across Europe. Moreover, private initiatives to assist asylum seekers are popping up everywhere
  • Bed, bath, bread and security

    Bed, bath, bread and security

    Why are municipalities and NGOs still offering support and shelter to undocumented immigrants, among whom former asylum seekers? Earlier they had agreed to stop doing so.
  • Banning bad words (‘illegal’)

    Banning bad words (‘illegal’)

    In the early 1990s it was not uncommon to refer to migrants unlawfully present in a country as ‘illegal aliens’. Lately, many international organizations and immigration advocates have been calling for more civilized terms.
  • Mediterranean Migrant tragedies

    Mediterranean Migrant tragedies

    Rickety fishing boats sinking near Mediterranean islands which we tend to see as holiday destinations, have again killed dozens of people over the last weeks. Others spend their days in miserable camps. Is this the only face of illegal migration?