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Kristel van Kruisbergen

K.A.M. Van Kruisbergen LL.M., Lecturer and researcher in European Law at Institute of Public Law
Kristel van Kruisbergen

Kristel van Kruisbergen graduated from Radboud University (Nijmegen) in the field of European and international law, with a specialization in human rights and migration law. After graduation she worked for a human rights office in Cape Town (South Africa) and subsequently as a lecturer at the European and international Law department of Radboud University. In September 2016 she started to work for the Europa Instituut at Leiden University as a lecturer and researcher. Her teaching activities are in the field of (general and substantive) European law, human rights law and the European Convention on Human Rights. Currently she is writing a PhD on the principle of mutual trust and the protection of fundamental rights in the European Union, with a particular focus on the potential of ‘peer pressure’ by domestic actors.

Key publications