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  • Informal constitutional change

    Informal constitutional change

    Today, virtually every country in the world has a written constitution that contains a special amendment procedure. These procedures are designed to regulate constitutional change.
  • Should our amendment procedure be amended?

    Should our amendment procedure be amended?

    Valérie Verschoor | | 0
    The Dutch Constitution has not been amended significantly since 1983, because our amendment procedure is too rigid. How to solve this problem? What lessons can be learned from other countries to create a stable, but flexible amendment procedure?
  • Amending our freaky Constitution

    Amending our freaky Constitution

    Last week Parliament debated a significant amendment to the Dutch Constitution concerning the judicial protection of civil rights. Although hardly anyone thinks a change desirable, there is little consensus on what kind of change.
  • Constitutional Housekeeping Chores

    Constitutional Housekeeping Chores

    Recently, the Dutch government announced that it will soon submit two bills to amend the national constitution. On the face of it, the proposals seem to be pretty important. But they are arguably nothing more than ‘constitutional housekeeping chores’.