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  • Combating harassment through education

    Combating harassment through education

    Initiatives such as the #MeToo campaign and the criminalisation of certain forms of harassment are insufficient in tackling discrimination of different groups. Empowerment of disadvantaged groups can best be achieved through education.
  • Fearless woman meets careless man

    Fearless woman meets careless man

    Gwen van Eijk | | 0
    Gender differences in fear of crime are usually explained by pointing out that women are socialized to be cautious and fearful, while men are taught to be protective and fearless. But what about increasing gender equality?
  • Cast a vote, change this world

    Cast a vote, change this world

    Can you cast a vote on one of the EP candidates next week? Congratulations, you are probably among the most wealthy and happy people in the world. But which EU party to vote for if your most primitive needs, and many more, are already fulfilled?
  • Whatever Wilders cares for

    Whatever Wilders cares for

    At our Law School students learn the significance and meaning of freedom of speech. They learn to wonder how to reconcile this freedom with the rights of others and the principle of equality.
  • My home is my castle

    My home is my castle

    How to get yourself a bungalow for free? Harass everybody around you and be upgraded from your dreary apartment dwelling. But stop paying the rent and you’ll be ousted without further ado. Why not end this injustice and put empty prison rooms to good use?
  • Principle-free politics

    Principle-free politics

    Gwen van Eijk | | 0
    New proposals to improve deprived urban neighbourhoods in Rotterdam are discriminatory. A new policy strategy is emerging: experimenting as a way to go around existing legislation.