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  • The natural process of mutual integration

    The natural process of mutual integration

    Western countries expect immigrants to adapt to their culture, whereas for centuries colonizing Europeans always imposed their ways on the native inhabitants they came across. In reality both cultures will always naturally fuse to become a new one.
  • Against discrimination – of all

    Against discrimination – of all

    Ethnic labeling of supposedly criminal immigrants is at odds with any civilized rule of law. So Swedish police forces remaining silent about the ethnicity of sexual harassers were right after all, whatever use the populist right may try to make of it.
  • Anti-refugee rhetoric as discrimination

    Anti-refugee rhetoric as discrimination

    The suggestion of the Dutch VVD to stop admitting any refugees was widely condemned for its detrimental consequences and incompatibility with international law. How such measures relate to discrimination has not been discussed widely.
  • With Liberty and Background Checks for All

    With Liberty and Background Checks for All

    Jenika Ekovich | | 1
    In light of US immigration reform, employment eligibility screening is designed with businesses and citizens in mind. But, are we really fostering opportunity or just exclusion and a false sense of control?
  • Migrant children need further protection

    Migrant children need further protection

    Silvia De Rosa | | 0
    The visit of the Commissioner for Human Rights to the Netherlands disclosed policies that are not favourable to migrant children and expose them to detention and lack of protection.
  • Uncanny Immigrants

    Uncanny Immigrants

    Although comics are mostly thought of as fantasy tales, sometimes they are closer to reality than we would think.
  • Framed migrants (1)

    Framed migrants (1)

    Jelmer Brouwer | | 1
    Are repressive criminal policies towards migrants matched by media content that frames them as criminals and security threats? A comprehensive discourse analysis of over 65,000 newspaper articles should find out.
  • More or less aliens in prisons?

    More or less aliens in prisons?

    Jelmer Brouwer | | 0
    Recently announced plans that should reduce the number of aliens in detention facilities seem to open the way for the criminalisation of illegal stay. This would mean that foreigners who stay illegally in the Netherlands can end up in prison.