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  • It all starts with Aristotle

    It all starts with Aristotle

    Much modern thought on good governance is basically a reiteration of classical virtue ethics. Tom Knijp elaborates on this topic by comparing Simon Sinek’s theory of the golden circle with Aristotle’s virtue of practical wisdom or phronesis.
  • Freedom: An ongoing endeavour

    Freedom: An ongoing endeavour

    The theme of the 440th anniversary of Leiden University is freedom. Good reason to reflect on how centuries of freedom struggles have enriched us. We should also dwell on the question of whether there are calls for freedom that still remain to be answered.
  • Punishing juvenile delinquents

    Punishing juvenile delinquents

    In 2010 the Glen Mills treatment programme at a residential facility for juvenile delinquents in Wezep was cancelled. I contend that the Glen Mills method might work excellently in the Netherlands, but only if it is applied fully and without reservations.