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  • How Jihadist Networks Operate

    How Jihadist Networks Operate

    Jasper de Bie | | 1
    The recent terrorist attacks in Europe are presumably not just acts committed by individuals, but acts facilitated by larger jihadist networks. But how do such networks operate? Understanding their MO can be useful knowledge to counter terrorist threats.
  • How jihadists prepare their jihad

    How jihadists prepare their jihad

    Jasper de Bie | | 2
    The increased number of Dutch foreign fighters in recent years has drawn a lot of attention and created fears of a terrorist attack. However, the Netherlands has been dealing with foreign fighters for more than a decade. What can we learn from the past?
  • The Constitution as window dressing

    The Constitution as window dressing

    Gwen van Eijk | | 1
    The Dutch government has proposed including the rule of law and the right to a fair trial in the Constitution. Recent policy proposals raise questions about the government’s commitment to these principles.
  • A Politics of Borders in a Summer of Crisis

    A Politics of Borders in a Summer of Crisis

    Due to international tensions, the current summer has been labelled as the “summer of crisis”. Politicians have responded through a language of borders, but the question arises whether such discourse is suitable to denominate contemporary conflicts.
  • Radical Times, Concerning Measures?

    Radical Times, Concerning Measures?

    The arrests of three alleged jihadists sympathizing with IS are a cause of concern to the Dutch government. Yet, should we also be concerned about some of the newly proposed measures in the cabinet’s Action Plan against Jihadism?