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  • How jihadists prepare their jihad

    How jihadists prepare their jihad

    Jasper de Bie | | 2
    The increased number of Dutch foreign fighters in recent years has drawn a lot of attention and created fears of a terrorist attack. However, the Netherlands has been dealing with foreign fighters for more than a decade. What can we learn from the past?
  • Radical Times, Concerning Measures?

    Radical Times, Concerning Measures?

    The arrests of three alleged jihadists sympathizing with IS are a cause of concern to the Dutch government. Yet, should we also be concerned about some of the newly proposed measures in the cabinet’s Action Plan against Jihadism?
  • Citizenship of Jihadists

    Citizenship of Jihadists

    Ambrogino G. Awesta | | 0
    The fresh breeze of the Arab spring is transforming into icy storms of horror in the West.