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  • Liberté, egalité, prostitué?

    Liberté, egalité, prostitué?

    Anne van Es | | 0
    The French government has proposed criminalising clients of prostitutes, following the example of Sweden. What is the goal of this controversial policy reform, and what can be expected of its effects?
  • Exchanging migrant rights for tax advances

    Exchanging migrant rights for tax advances

    Jelmer Brouwer | | 0
    In exchange for a fiscal advantage for the richer Dutch, the proposal to criminalize illegal stay is off the table. Despite the dubious politic process, it is a significant step not taken.
  • Framed migrants (1)

    Framed migrants (1)

    Jelmer Brouwer | | 1
    Are repressive criminal policies towards migrants matched by media content that frames them as criminals and security threats? A comprehensive discourse analysis of over 65,000 newspaper articles should find out.
  • Mediterranean Migrant tragedies

    Mediterranean Migrant tragedies

    Rickety fishing boats sinking near Mediterranean islands which we tend to see as holiday destinations, have again killed dozens of people over the last weeks. Others spend their days in miserable camps. Is this the only face of illegal migration?
  • More or less aliens in prisons?

    More or less aliens in prisons?

    Jelmer Brouwer | | 0
    Recently announced plans that should reduce the number of aliens in detention facilities seem to open the way for the criminalisation of illegal stay. This would mean that foreigners who stay illegally in the Netherlands can end up in prison.
  • Criminal Law Adrift

    Criminal Law Adrift

    Criminal law is likely to become overburdened. Therefore a renewed reflection on the course of criminal law is required.
  • The plant is not the problem, prohibition is

    The plant is not the problem, prohibition is

    Gwen van Eijk | | 1
    Until recently, coffeeshops were free to sell cannabis to all customers, whether Dutch citizens or foreign tourists. Now, customers are required to have Dutch citizenship and a club card. Illegal trade is flourishing and residents are complaining.
  • A vintage approach to tackling crime

    A vintage approach to tackling crime

    Monique Koemans | | 0
    The British conservative government wants to abolish the repressive ASBOs in favour of alternative 'community-based' social control policies. Can we expect the, in September, newly-elected Dutch politicians to follow this retro look on crime?