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  • The criminal tackle in football

    The criminal tackle in football

    Aggressive acts in Dutch amateur football are weekly newsworthy items in the media. Although this is problematic enough in itself, the multiple ways to sanction these kinds of actions can cause strong disparities. What is ‘not-done’ on the football pitch?
  • Letting offenders pay, part 2

    Letting offenders pay, part 2

    Gwen van Eijk | | 0
    The British Justice department recently announced that the 'criminal court charge' is to be scrapped. Even though the charge penalises the poor, plans for a similar charge are still in place in the Netherlands.
  • Letting offenders pay

    Letting offenders pay

    Gwen van Eijk | | 2
    The Dutch government wants prisoners to contribute to the cost of their own imprisonment: 16 Euros per day spent in prison. What has not been addressed in the debate so far, is that offenders are not equally likely to be sentenced to prison.
  • Sentencing the unemployed offender

    Sentencing the unemployed offender

    Gwen van Eijk | | 2
    Offenders with a non-Dutch background go to prison more often and longer than native Dutch offenders. One explanation is that judges take into account whether offenders work or not. But differentiation based on work status may be problematic in itself.