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  • Banning bad words (‘illegal’)

    Banning bad words (‘illegal’)

    In the early 1990s it was not uncommon to refer to migrants unlawfully present in a country as ‘illegal aliens’. Lately, many international organizations and immigration advocates have been calling for more civilized terms.
  • Exchanging migrant rights for tax advances

    Exchanging migrant rights for tax advances

    Jelmer Brouwer | | 0
    In exchange for a fiscal advantage for the richer Dutch, the proposal to criminalize illegal stay is off the table. Despite the dubious politic process, it is a significant step not taken.
  • Mediterranean Migrant tragedies

    Mediterranean Migrant tragedies

    Rickety fishing boats sinking near Mediterranean islands which we tend to see as holiday destinations, have again killed dozens of people over the last weeks. Others spend their days in miserable camps. Is this the only face of illegal migration?