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  • Just like David and Goliath?

    Just like David and Goliath?

    If, in case of an unlawful out of home placement, rights are violated, the child has the right to an effective remedy. Dutch tort law allows the possibility of seeking remedy. By referring to her thesis the contributor asks attention for this subject.
  • Disaster Relief Funds

    Disaster Relief Funds

    On Thursday 30 June 2016 I will defend my Phd thesis on the subject ‘Disaster Relief Funds’. I have studied Dutch disaster relief funds, such as those established after the fireworks disaster in Enschede, from the perspective of liability law.
  • The blind at the steering wheel

    The blind at the steering wheel

    Car manufacturers claim that the day when a blind person can be at the wheel is coming closer. However recent testimony in the US congress revealed a number of serious safety risks and ill-defined legal concepts related to autonomous technology.
  • So long after 1982: a way out for Suriname

    So long after 1982: a way out for Suriname

    What to do about seemingly unbridgeable division in Suriname on the 1982 killings? Criminal procedure now halted by a questionable amnesty law may lead to acquittal anyway. Let the state of Suriname accept liability and offer redress to victims instead.
  • Foreign cases, competent courts

    Foreign cases, competent courts

    Libyan civil servants were involved in torturing a Palestinian doctor in Libya. They were held liable by a Dutch court. A European company was allegedly involved in human rights abuses in Nigeria. Is an American court competent to assess its liability?