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  • Reaching beyond patriarchal boundaries

    Reaching beyond patriarchal boundaries

    Johann Jacob Bachofen, who argued that before patriarchy there was matriarchy, should not just be criticized for his ideas. He should be valued as a very brave legal scholar who dared to study mythology – a field beyond his own discipline.
  • The Rule of Law and the World of Myth

    The Rule of Law and the World of Myth

    According to law philosophers Western civilisation, reigned by law and reason, has always differed profoundly from the ‘savage’ world guided by myth. Yet by making the creation of order out of chaos central to the concept of law, myth has lived on.
  • Every crime tells a story

    Every crime tells a story

    Although we rationally try to fight crime, we are fascinated by crime stories at the same time. They reach back to the mythical battles between the forces of good and evil. Yet do these stories also help to reduce crime?