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  • The Perfect Age for…Prison?

    The Perfect Age for…Prison?

    Fabiana Joaquim | | 2
    Brazil´s current constitutional text states that only individuals older than 18 years old can go to prison. But this might be about to change. Should the minimum age for criminal responsibility in the country be 16 years?
  • Letting offenders pay

    Letting offenders pay

    Gwen van Eijk | | 2
    The Dutch government wants prisoners to contribute to the cost of their own imprisonment: 16 Euros per day spent in prison. What has not been addressed in the debate so far, is that offenders are not equally likely to be sentenced to prison.
  • Why (Dutch) criminologists should be outraged

    Why (Dutch) criminologists should be outraged

    Gwen van Eijk | | 0
    Comfortable prisons, lenient judges, low prison rates, no death penalty – in comparing criminal justice in the Netherlands to policies in other countries, Dutch criminologists can be content. Or can they?
  • Time to Kill

    Time to Kill

    In recent years, we have employed harsher and longer sentences, particularly for homicide offenders. It remains to be debated whether the desired outcomes of such policies are supported by empirical research.
  • Master plan or Monstrous plan?

    Master plan or Monstrous plan?

    The Netherlands is internationally known for its reasonably humane prison conditions. It remains to be seen, to what extent this image still holds after the implementation of the recently presented “Masterplan Department of Correctional Institutions".
  • The Post-Incarceration Syndrome

    The Post-Incarceration Syndrome

    What happens to people when they are released from prison, after having spent 30 years behind bars? They experience a unique set of mental health symptoms, also known as the Post-Incarceration Syndrome.