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  • Radical Times, Concerning Measures?

    Radical Times, Concerning Measures?

    The arrests of three alleged jihadists sympathizing with IS are a cause of concern to the Dutch government. Yet, should we also be concerned about some of the newly proposed measures in the cabinet’s Action Plan against Jihadism?
  • The Pragmatic Value of Jihadi Networks

    The Pragmatic Value of Jihadi Networks

    Jasper de Bie | | 0
    The ideological value of jihadi networks is often regarded as one of the key factors that attract new individuals. We illustrate however that vulnerable individuals, such as irregular immigrants, are also attracted by the pragmatic value.
  • MARTIJN & Sharia4Holland

    MARTIJN & Sharia4Holland

    Jasper de Bie | | 0
    Both the pedophile party MARTIJN and the leader of the Muslim movement Sharia4Holland faced criminal charges for their controversial ideas. The final judgments were respectively hard to establish (MARTIJN) and allegedly light in scope (Sharia4Holland).
  • Interpreting Radicalism

    Interpreting Radicalism

    Jasper de Bie | | 2
    We often assume we understand what terrorism and radicalism mean. Our interpretations and assumptions of these concepts are at the basis of what we criminalize and condemn. However, they are not always as clear-cut as we think.