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The Leiden Law Blog is part of the Leiden Law School, Leiden University. The authors are legal experts or criminologists working at our faculty. The Leiden Law Blog stands out by reacting to the latest news while at the same time touching on the research being performed within our faculty. The authors blog in a personal capacity.

Editorial team

  • Thijs Beumers PhD Candidate at Institute for Private Law
  • Kristel van Kruisbergen PhD Candidate at Institute of Public Law an the Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology
  • Mees Vergouwen PhD Candidate at Institute for Tax Law and Economics
  • Elody Hutten PhD Candidate at Institute for Tax Law and Economics
  • Wim Bonis Webeditor and Secretary at Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology


  • Jelle van de Kamp Chief Editor Online at Department Marketing and Communication
  • Wendy Rodger Translator/Text Editor at Department of Marketing and Communication and Institute of Public Law
  • Rebecca Tait Translator/Text Editor and International Project Manager at Office International Education


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