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Alke Metselaar

A.J. Metselaar LL.M., PhD Candidate at Constitutional and Administrative Law
Alke Metselaar

Alke Metselaar graduated from the European Law School at Maastricht University in 2010. During her studies, she taught several first-year courses at Maastricht University, participated in the European Law Moot Competition and gained practical experience during her internship at the department of European law at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thereafter, she taught in the first and third year courses European Law at the University of Leiden.

Currently, Alke is working as a PhD researcher at the department of Constitutional and Administrative Law at Leiden University. Her research concerns State aid, particularly how issues of State aid are dealt with by judges in the Netherlands. It seems that State aid law loses some of its effectiveness as soon as it becomes simply a part of a legal dispute before a national court. Is this really the case and if so, is this a problem? Moreover, does the application of State aid law depend on which judge - fiscal, civil or administrative - is involved?