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Andrea Varga

A. Varga, LL.M, PhD Candidate in the field of effective government and statehood at Department of Public International Law
Andrea Varga

Andrea Varga first studied international relations at the Corvinus University of Budapest, where she obtained her Master’s degree in 2009. She then went on to study public international law and graduated cum laude from the LL.M. (reg.) programme at Leiden University in 2010.

Besides the LL.M., she also participated in the research-oriented Talent Programme of the Graduate School of Legal Studies in Leiden.

Her research is entitled ‘The Effective Government Requirement for Statehood’ and it focuses on both the establishment as well as the loss of effective government (the latter often referred to as the phenomenon of so-called ‘failed states’). It explores the notion of effective government through five case studies – Kosovo, Palestine, Belgium, Colombia and Somalia – before examining the legal consequences of the loss or establishment of such government in regard to state responsibility and statehood under international law.