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Annelien Bouland

AMB Bouland, LLM MSc, PhD Candidate at Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Development
Annelien Bouland

Annelien Bouland's research explores how Senegalese women try to realise their perceived marriage, divorce and post –divorce rights. Following clients to their communities, to mediators or courts,  she will map how they use state law, customary and sharia based norms, and how these interrelate and interact.

Annelien Bouland has a background in Cultural Anthropology (BSc) and obtained an MSc in Law, Anthropology and Society at the London School of Economics and Political Science (with distinction). She also studied Law and obtained an LLB (with distinction) and an LLM at the University of Amsterdam. Prior to joining the Van Vollenhoven Institute, Annelien Bouland spent three years at a law firm practicing asylum and immigration law, followed by an internship with Cordaid, working on legal empowerment projects in fragile and conflict affected states.