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Darinka Piqani

Darinka Piqani , Assistant Professor of European Union Law at Leiden University
Darinka Piqani

Dr. Darinka Piqani is assistant professor of European Union Law at Leiden University. After studying law in Tirana (Faculty of Law of Tirana University) and comparative constitutional law in Budapest (Central European University), she pursued her doctoral studies at the Law Department of the European University Institute (Florence) and worked on her PhD thesis entitled “Supremacy of EU Law and the Jurisprudence of Constitutional Reservations in Central Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans: Towards a ‘Holistic’ Constitutionalism” which she defended in June 2010. She joined Leiden University in 2011 and since then she teaches and researches in the areas of EU constitutional law and EU internal market law.

Key publications

  • In Search of Limits for the Protection of National Identities as a Member State Interest (2019) Piqani D.
  • Relation of Constitutional Courts / Supreme Courts to EU Courts. (2017) Piqani D.
  • Legal Risks in the Relation Between National Constitutional Law and EU Law. In: Mišćenić E, Raccah, A. (Eds.) Legal Risks in EU Law.: Springer. 23-41 (2016) Pigani D.
  • The Simmenthal revolution revisited: what role for constitutional courts?. In: Witte B. de, Mayoral J. A, Jaremba U, Wind M, Podstawa K. (Eds.) National Courts and EU Law. New Issues, Theories and Methods. Judicial Review and Cooperation Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited. 26-49. (2016) Pigani D.
  • Arguments for a Holistic Approach in European Constitutionalism: What Role for National Institutions in Avoiding Constitutional Conflicts between National Constitutions and EU law, European Constitutional Law Review 8(3). (2012) Pigani D.