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Esther Kentin

Mr. E. Kentin, Lecturer Moot Court International Law at Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of the Law
Esther Kentin

Esther Kentin studied at the University of Amsterdam with a specialization in international environmental law. She has worked for several universities teaching courses on international law in general as well as more specialized courses such as international environmental law and economic and investment law. At the University of Amsterdam she was the coordinator of the Amsterdam International Law Clinic. Her interests focus on the application of international law, in particular international environmental law.

At the Moot Court and Advocacy Department, Esther Kentin teaches Moot Court courses on public international law for Dutch as well as for international students. In January 2016 she started the Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic, an initiative offering  pro bono services to NGOs by students of the Leiden Law School.

Key publications

  • Banning Microplastics in Cosmetic Products in Europe: Legal Challenges’ in Cocca, M. et al (eds), Proceedings of the International Conference on Microplastic Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea (2018) Kentin E.
  • De Eerste Kamer na Lissabon: de SWIFT-overeenkomst als testcase. In: C.G. Breedveld-de Voogd et al (Red.) Signora Senatrice: Over Recht, Onderwijs en Politiek. Den Haag: Boom Juridische Uitgevers. 177-184. (2011) Kentin E.
  • Signora Senatrice - Over Recht, Onderwijs en Politiek. Den Haag: Boom Juridische uitgevers. (2011) Breedveld-de Voogd C.G., Esch C.M. van, Heide G.J. van der, Kentin E., Koot R.M.C.M., Kuilenburg T. van, Nijland J. & Sikkema T.H
  • Economic Crisis and Investment Arbitration: the Argentine Cases. In: Ph. Kahn, T.W. Walde (Red.) New Aspects of International Investment Law. Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. 629-667. (2007) Kentin E.