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Gabry Vanderveen

Dr. G.N.G. Vanderveen, Former Assistant professor of Criminology at Institute for Criminal Law & Criminology
Gabry Vanderveen

Until march 2014 Gabry Vanderveen had worked as an Assistant Professor of Criminology at the Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology.

Being a psychologist and criminologist, Gabry has a wide interest and experience in several research areas, ranging from fear of crime and perceived disorder to media representations of victims and offenders. The (interdisciplinary) research projects that she designed and coordinated often include visual data and methods. One example is the study on graffiti and perceptions thereof. In this study, people walked around in a virtual neighbourhood and were asked to react to different types of graffiti on different (virtual) locations. This short (Dutch) videoclip explains the design.

Lately, Vanderveen’s research focuses on images and (digital) audiovisual techniques in the criminal justice system. Her current research project, financed by Politie & Wetenschap, concerns photography of the crime scene. Forensic detectives have investigated a simulated crime scene in the CSI Lab. Now, the analyses of observations, interviews, photographs made and police reports are the exciting challenges for Gabry and her team.

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