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Helena U. Vrabec

Helena U. Vrabec, LLM, Researcher at eLaw@Leiden
Helena U. Vrabec

Helena U. Vrabec works as a data protection lawyer at Palantir in New York and is a visiting fellow at Yale Law School (Information Society Project).

Before moving to the US, she was a full-time researcher and PhD candidate at eLaw, Leiden Law School. Prior to that, she worked as a privacy advisor for Ernst & Young.

Helena holds a master’s degree in law from the University of Ljubljana (2013) and an LLM from Tilburg University (2014).

Helena gave talks at multiple conferences and she had a number of international publications on data protection, big data and law & technology (published by, inter alia, Edward Elgar and Oxford University Press). She has thought privacy course at Confiad Academy in Utrecht and was a guest lecturer at Maastricht and Leiden Law School. For her academic achievements, Helena was awarded several academic grants and awards, among others the Fulbright and the Meijers prize.