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Ingrid Leijten

Dr. Ingrid Leijten LL.M. MA, Assistant Professor at Constitutional and Administrative Law, Institute of Public Law
Ingrid Leijten

Dr. Ingrid Leijten LL.M. MA is an assistant professor at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law at Leiden Law School. Her work concerns the protection of human rights at an international, European and national level.

Key publications

  • Core Socio-Economic Rights and the European Court of Human Rights, (Cambridge University Press (Cambridge Series in European Law and Policy) (2018) Ingrid Leijten
  • ‘From Stec to Valkov: Possessions and Margins in the Social Security Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights’, 13 Human Rights Law Review 2013, pp. 309-349 (2013) Ingrid Leijten
  • ‘The German right to an Existenzminimum, Human Dignity, and the Possibility of Minimum Core Socioeconomic Rights Protection’, 16 German Law Journal 2015, pp. 23-48 (2015) Ingrid Leijten
  • ‘Defining the Scope of Economic and Social Guarantees in the Case Law of the ECtHR’, in: E. Brems and J.H. Gerards (eds.), Shaping Rights in the ECHR: The Role of the European Court of Human Rights in Determining the Scope of Human Rights, Cambridge University Press 2014, pp. 109-136 (2014) Ingrid Leijten
  • ‘Eigendomsrechten en proportionaliteit: toetsing aan artikel 1 Eerste Protocol EVRM in het socialezekerheidsrecht’, JBplus 2016, pp. 67-83 (2016) Ingrid Leijten