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Iris Wuisman

Prof. dr. I.S. Wuisman, Professor of Company Law at Institute for Privat Law, Department of Company Law
Iris Wuisman

Iris Wuisman graduated in both economics and law (cum laude) at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her bachelor and master’s degrees in both law and economics laid the foundation for her interest in multidisciplinary studies.  Subsequently, Iris Wuisman launched a start-up in the energy sector Iris also worked as a lawyer at Stibbe Amsterdam, where she specialized in the field of capital markets, finance and corporate litigation.

Iris Wuisman is interested in the broad area of company law, comparative law and European company law. She is particularly interested in how entrepreneurship can be best facilitated with innovative legal forms. She focuses on developments such as digitalization, informalization and individualization and the influence this phenomena have on entrepreneurship and company law. In addition to her expertise on close corporations (BV) and partnerships, Iris is familiar with cooperatives and foreign legal entity forms.

Key publications

  • Aandeelhoudersovereenkomsten bij de persoonsgebonden BV als samenwerkingsverband. (2015) Wuisman, I.S.
  • Personenvennootschappen en aansprakelijkheid: in Nederlands en Duits perspectief. (2015) Wuisman, I.S.
  • The Societas Unius Personae (SUP) (2015) Wuisman, I.S.
  • Ondernemingsrecht en de i-samenleving: mind the gap, take the next step. (2014) Wuisman, I.S.
  • “A Dutch partnership with limited liability: advisable?” original title: “Een Nederlandse personenvennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid: wenselijk?” (2011) Wuisman, I.S.