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Ivana Savic

Ivana Savić LLM, External PhD Candidate at Institute for Private Law
Ivana Savic

Ivana Savić holds an LLM degree from the Faculty of Law, UNION University in Belgrade. Between 2009 and 2014, she was one of the organizing partners for the U. N. Major Group for Children and Youth, with a mandate to coordinate and facilitate young people’s participation in multiple international sustainability negotiations. Ivana is also a member of the UNDP Civil Society Advisory Committee. She has work experience in the government sector, international organizations and civil society organizations. Ivana participated in numerous expert groups and high level meetings on human rights and sustainable development. Ivana’s field of expertise includes rights of the child, youth rights, environmental law and policy, sustainable development law and policy, energy law, participation in decision making, rule of law and capacity building. 

Key publications