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Jaap van Rijn van Alkemade

J.M.J. van Rijn van Alkemade LL.M., Former PhD Candidate at Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law
Jaap van Rijn van Alkemade

Jaap van Rijn van Alkemade's (The Hague, 1984) research centers on Legal Protection with regard to the allocation of Limited Public Law Rights. Limited Public Law Rights are rights based in public law that are available on a limited basis and for which demand exceeds supply. Examples are permits for the use of radiofrequencies, public transport concessions and grants for expressions of culture and art. When Limited Public Law Rights are distributed, big financial interests are often at stake.

Disputes arise easily. With regard to these disputes Jaap tries to answer one main question: does Dutch Administrative Procedural Law create a suitable framework for settling these disputes in a manner that secures the effective legal protection of the litigants?